We believe that Houstonians can better manage and prevent diabetes if they are better informed.

The Houston Diabetes Resource Center would like to be a one-stop shop for diabetes education, programs, patient navigation and referral in Houston.


The purpose of the Houston Diabetes Resource Center (HDRC) is to help patients, providers, employers and communities better navigate a fragmented healthcare system.


HDRC was developed through the Cities Changing Diabetes initiative, which brought together a variety of stakeholders representing patients, healthcare, government, employers, faith-based organizations and nonprofits to identify solutions to address diabetes in Houston and collaboratively implement them.

Cities Changing Diabetes is a global program of Novo Nordisk in which eight cities around the world are learning how to improve diabetes detection and care in their communities. Houston is the only American city participating. The program aims to map the problem, share solutions and drive concrete action to fight the diabetes challenge.

Cities Changing Diabetes launched in Houston in November 2014 with a comprehensive analysis of the major gaps and vulnerabilities associated with diabetes. Soon after it launched, the program invested more than a year researching the diabetes epidemic in Houston. A community-wide assessment identified the populations most at risk for developing the disease and compared them to Houstonians already diagnosed with diabetes.

This work led to the formation of five Action Work Groups with more than 75 diverse members representing approximately 60 faith-based organizations, government, health insurance companies, medical providers, employers and non-profit entities.

The focus areas for the five Action Work Groups were:

  • Enhance awareness and education to improve diabetes literacy
  • Improve navigation for patients to better use prevention, detection, care and management resources
  • Improve collaboration by providers, insurers and employers to improve patient trust
  • Help people prioritize personal health over other life demands
  • Improve the connections between people at risk for diabetes, with diabetes and caregivers and their community


The HDRC received seed funding through a challenge grant of $100,000 ($50,000 in funds and $50,000 in technical assistance and support) from Novo Nordisk.

Additional funding is being sought and necessary to further develop, implement and sustain the HDRC.